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What Is Commercial Flooring?

When you consider the different types of flooring, the first thing to look at is the function of the space. How the space is used largely determines the type of flooring you require. In a commercial space, there’s no question that the floors need to be durable, given that they’re facilitating more traffic as well as more rugged conditions than the average home.

Commercial grade floors are designed for the unique scenarios that commercial spaces face. Business owners choosing new flooring for their retail, commercial or industrial spaces need to make a smart investment — one that will continue to serve them for years to come.

When determining the commercial flooring types to use in a space, consider the following factors that are unique to this application:

  • Strength and durability: Commercial spaces typically carry much more weight than the average home flooring. In a commercial building, there are many more pairs of feet coming and going — from employees to customers to suppliers, the traffic doesn’t end on any given business day. Additionally, commercial flooring will have more heavy objects applied to it, such as business equipment and office furniture. Therefore, the flooring designed for a commercial space is meant to be strong enough to endure this long-term wear-and-tear.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Commercial flooring also needs to withstand frequent cleanings often with harsh industrial products — especially in industries like restaurants and food service or healthcare. Some types of flooring, such as wood or tile, won’t hold up as well after years of daily scrubbings. Synthetic flooring designed for commercial purposes can be cleaned repeatedly without wearing out or becoming damaged.
  • Special requirements: Commercial spaces also have unique considerations that commercial flooring can address. Many commercial spaces require sound-proofing, which specialized rubber or synthetic commercial flooring can provide. Additionally, commercial flooring is resistant to moisture, preventing rotting and bubbling in the flooring.